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March 15, 2009

Why thieves should never target parents of small children

Last night, someone entered my car. I'd say broke in to it, but it was unlocked. It always is, I lived in Baltimore for 5 years and I know getting my car's window fixed is more of a pain in the ass than closing the glove box.

Here's what he left behind: Hanna Montana CDs (you bastard!), kitchen sponges, a bean bag I use for a stabilizing my camera, Giant Eagle reusable bags (so I can help save the planet by buying shitty bags made in China), two shirts for the dry cleaner, 1 lb. of roasted malt, 1.5 lbs. of 60 lovibond crystal malt, brewing yeast, magnesium sulfate, 2 really frigging expensive ounces of Styrian Goldings hops (this is how I know he was stupid - these catch $5 an ounce on Ebay), an empty wallet, a Starbucks splashstick, a crumpled Starbucks short cup, two receipts from Lowe's, sunscreen, some dried frosting in my kid's cupholder, same cupholder containing several Chuck E. Cheese tokens (street value 75¢), some new Crayola markers, LOTS of artwork, empty McDonald's happy meal box, several kids nugget meal toys, little boxes of partially consumed raisins, a book of maps, my Twinkie Deconstructed book, 450 grams of SrCl2 (at this point he may have ran), a ballet tunes cd, a $4 shirt from Big Lots (ha, that was a wicked good bargain), stakes to keep down a soaker hose in my yard, spare lug nuts, a blanket, the tie Frankie likes best on me, lots of napkins, an accurate tire pressure guage I made myself, a weekend edition of the WSJ, a plastic slinky, my car's registration, my decoy wallet, 50¢ from the ash tray, maps in the glove box, a large piece of polycarbonate I use as a blast shield when subjecting pickles to electrocution, ...


Rosie said...

I so totally would have stolen those hops! Then I would have blackmailed you into making me beer. Ha!

amy turn sharp said...



chefemil01 said...

Yo Dave,
This is completely off topic, however I didn't see any link to send this info to you any other way, so here goes. I came across a recipe to make baguettes (yes, french bread with a small "f") with "" listed as the source and I gotta tell ya, after mucking around for years with who knows how many recipes and instructions, this one REALLY did the trick. I am cranking out Baguettes by the bunch (home consumption, of course) and they are coming out like the ones we ate as kids in New York City way back when. I gotta thankyou for wherever this recipe came from and recommend this one to anyone who has had trouble with "the rise". Got any more? Where can we look?

ChefEmil01@ well YA know H ow much spam I would get if I just make it easy for them. OO. what, the caps?

Dave said...

Hey Chef,

Feel free to email me ( if you care to chat. Thanks so much for the kind words. Most of my recipes for various breads and my fanatacism with the baguette can be found at or Thanks again!

Hey Amy, no biggie. Didn't get more than a few bucks in change, just creepy to know someone was in the car.