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April 19, 2009

Sun, Capri Sun

Bringer of the Capri Sun, originally uploaded by Seligmans Dog.

Yesterday was opening day for the 2nd half of the tiny tots soccer season. The mighty Mustangs were to play the Storm. As of 12:25, there were only 2 members of the Storm that showed up. About to forfeit the game, the other team members showed up.

Yesterday, it was our turn to provide the snacks and drinks. The image is me holding the insulated case of Capri Suns. You can't see it, but my wrist is handcuffed to the bag. These Capri Suns are the most critical part of the entire Saturday soccer experience. Without that end of game treat, we would quickly realize the implications of being outnumbered on the field. It would not be pretty.

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