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May 27, 2009

This afternoon's shopping list

Mentos, 150-200 pieces
diet Coke, 10 x 600 mL
diet colored soda from Aldi, variety, 20
diet Coke, 5 x 2L
1" i.d. tubing for inexpensive drop tube
smaller tubing to restrict flow further
28 pairs of goggles

Guess what we're doing for the season finale at school tomorrow?

Preparation: Tonight, Frankie and I tried a few diet Pepsi (600 mL), diet Coke (600 mL) and a Kroger Diet K Cola (big 2 L). Pepsi was ok, Coke much better and the 2 L generic - awesome!

Regardless of the findings of Savage and Hyneman, I chose a variety of diet sodas, caffeinated and decaf and all colors and flavors. Formulations change the bubbliness of one soda vs. another can only be known empirically. Should be a fun day tomorrow.


Clam said...

I've always wondered about the effects of temperature on the experiment. It seems to me that warmer soda should produce more violent reactions, but I don't know why I think that. (Maybe something about reactions being "hot" perhaps.)

Dave said...

My guess is at warmer (car trunk) temps, as soon as the bottle's cracked open, a lot more of the gas escapes than if it were cold. Just a guess. Should've packed a few cold.