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June 8, 2009

To the first grade, ramming speed

Just last August, Frankie broke from the ranks of preschool to jump into kindergarten at Ecole Kenwood. I'm fairly certain I took the change much harder than she did. Today, she has finished the year. She made many new friends, she sings many songs in French (when she doesn't think anyone is listening), she learned from wonderful teachers (hooray public schools!) and we met many other nice parents. It was better than we could possibly have hoped. This is a (password protected - the regulars know the password, if you want it) video of an excerpt of their school end musical. It's pretty cool. The vid quality is poor because it's indoors, but it's still cool.

And here's a vid inspired by The Blair Witch Project I shot after the musical. It was better, but I lost some footage due to my error. Enjoy.

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