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July 27, 2009

More Audio Books and a Short Walk in Europe (all done today)

I've been listening to Planet Google the past few days. It's a dry sounding narraration, but I'm so engaged, I can't listen while driving for fear I'll have an accident.

Today I listened to the story about Google's acquistion of Keyhole's satellite imaging software which eventually turned into the satellite feature of Google Maps and their product, Google Earth. Two years ago, Google extended maps with street view, initially only in the US. Now it's a feature for most of the world. The world. While I'm typing this, I can hit control T, open a tab, type in and type in "Boulangerie Poilâne France", go to street view and see his storefront showcasing the famous pain Poilâne (we've actually been there once). Pretty astounding.

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