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August 9, 2009

We're considering another activity for Frankie.

The only television in our home is via an analog pci card. The tv broadcast plays through some software on a piddly 22" diagonal monitor. Barely visible by today's standards.

Even this concoction of television is causing Frankie to glaze over and watch programs continuously if left by herself. As an only child, this type of activity is welcomed at times when we're exhausted. But, it's getting abused. She can glaze over for hours. It can't be good and we're considering cutting the cable to the tv soon. It's no biggie for Mrs. DavesBeer and I since much of tv is less stimulating than sitting in a dark room alone. And, I always considered myself addicted to it. It just sucks now. The only program I guiltily enjoyed is Hell's Kitchen and I can watch that on Fox or Hulu.

The big challenge of this choice to train her to keep busy and be physically calm for those periods she used to watch tv. Should be interesting to see if it's possible (for us).

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