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September 30, 2009

Astros crush opponents in game 3

Astros WIN ONE!
On the rainy fields of Whetstone this past Saturday, to standing room only (we forgot chairs), Astros won a game (by alot, but no one kept score - honest). Yay!

It's a new season - the big time. Frankie's in Pee Wee soccer. Playing full 10 minute quarters and practicing a full hour a week. We didn't think we could get a coach as good as the Amazing Coach Mary Ann, but we did. Her new coach is great with with motivating and watching over the kids. Even when her ponytail comes unraveled.

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(Auntie) Denise said...

Was there a game this weekend? I love the outfit. I just always hope she is enjoying herself and it's clear that she is! Although I think she'd like a few rhinestone sparkles on the team uniform.