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October 24, 2009

Don't go Where the Wild Things Are (without a therapist).

I have never left Studio 35 feeling as bad as I did tonight.

I don't do movie reviews, I'm not that literate. I do love Sendak's book; it's my level read. An angry kid, monsters, etc. Seemed it'd be a great movie.

I never read reviews before seeing a movie. I like to go in and discover the movie with no filter. This movie sucked badly. Do not see it. I don't mean "you might like it, I didn't," no, it sucked. Single parenting troubles, clinical depression, uncontrollable rage, it's all there. Kind of like Leaving Las Vegas for 6 year olds.

Wow, that sucked bad.


Auntie Denise said...

I have not seen a full review of the movie, but I did hear that people were walking out of theatres where this was playing. Was Frankie okay after seeing it?

Dave said...

It wasn't that scary, it was inappropriate. Issues in the movie are uninteresting to kids and it wasn't interesting for adults either. It just failed on all counts.