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October 29, 2009

Mom's gonna be so proud of me

Couple years ago, Frankie would go to a few homes, sit down, and start in on her loot. This year was different. Dressed by precisely 6:00 and out on the trail to obtain goodies. Beggar's is 6-8 pm. At 7:20 we had to go home and secure about 1/2 the goods to make room for more. We then went out for one more street. Second to the last home, she was visited by a saint. Some little known neighbor dropped several full size bags of NMMs, plain and peanut and a FULL SIZE BAR. She almost exploded. She seemed pretty darn happy this year. Lots of friends to Trick or Treat with, many treats and a fun ladybug costume. It's a tossup with xmas. Here are some pics.

Mom's gonna be so proud of me (she said).
The loot!

checking each other's loot
Checking each other's stash

best jack 'o lantern set
My friend Gary's most excellent creative handiwork

a little excited
We miss you Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mom said...

Whoa. That's a lot of candy! What a happy kid!

Auntie Denise said...

I love those pictures!! She's a hoot! So beautiful! Remember we used pillowcases to go trick or treating with? It did eliminate the need to go back home, dump the stash and go back out to get more!