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November 16, 2009

The night was bad. Like Jack Woltz bad.

I think Suze was trying to send me a message last night.

I nestled into bed for a much needed rest. The weekend was fun, but tiring. Lots of leaves. The dog, wife and Fuzz all together and Fuzz bouncing around the room (after helping Frankie get to sleep). I rested my arm on the top of the covers and shut off the light.

Moisture? I put my hand in some kind of a wet spot. Maybe some residual moisture was on my hand from brushing my teeth? No. Lots of moisture. I dabbed my hand in it a bit more and raised it to my nose ... pee?! Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh (could be heard all over the estate).

Today I'm home with a sick kid, 8 tons of bedding to wash, a dog staring at me and a cat pouncing on his head. I think the dog is a little tired of the cat's antics.

update Suze just ate a Reese's cup that was left unattended.

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