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November 27, 2009

Travel Tips - Boston Edn.

It's that wicked fun time of the yeeah, enjoy and benefit from my pain.

• Traveling with a little kid? Bring treats!
• Don't eat yourself into a food coma.
• Eat as many whole belly clams as you can - they don't have them anywhere else in the country.
• The breakdown lane is frequently used as a merge lane. I never got used to driving in Boston.
• Public transportation in Boston is the BEST.
• I would've planned to be born later if I knew how easy a GPS made driving in Boston.
• Sarah Palin is not here!!
• Playing The Quiet Game isn't a popular choice after two hours in the airport (when it is needed most).
• Clean tarnish off pennies using various packets of condiments in a weak attempt to entertain your child (acidic things work well).
• DO lock the door in the airplane lavatory. Really.

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