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November 7, 2009

We should all have lists like this

Another note found.
I didn't realize it, but this note is on a calendar page.
Monday: She had a kind of a midterm for spelling.
Tuesday: She was going with Mom to vote.
Wednesday: Gymnastics at
Thursday: She had math homework due.
Friday: She had a night at Wendy's Gymnastics where they play and watch a movie.
Saturday: Stay home day, all fun.
Sunday: Stay home day, all fun and torturing Papa (i.e., more fun)

She's kinda smart.


Auntie Denise said...

I think there's a lesson for us all here. I think more of us need to add those last two items onto our lists!! ;D

Not Important said...

I love how the "more FUN!" smiley face has a bigger smile than the "FUN!" smiley face.

Anonymous said...

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