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December 13, 2009

Not my child

[Image by Occidental College on Flickr, click on image to visit Flickr page]

Fast forward about 11 years. We're dropping the kid off at school for her first year in college. We drive home, crying most of the way, eat a couple uninterrupted meals to get back to our senses, frolic a few days naked in our home. After a couple weeks, we decide to take a ride back and see if she's starving; take her and a couple friends out for lunch (and dinner and breakfast). We're a few miles away and suddenly we panic: is she studying ... drunk ... introducing Michelle Malkin for the visit to the campus young Republicans club?!

It's worse. She's participating in a coed exercise with sticks ... down there. I knew Harry Potter was evil.

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Mom said...

Now that's a sport that's gonna require some pads.