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December 8, 2009

This year's buzz kiddie item is a small rat

The zhu zhu hamster, it's this year's gotta have it for the small set. Originally sold for $10, now about $30 - $40 on Ebay. Here's one Amazon review:
"This toy is very dangerous for small children and adults. My daughter is terrified of it because it pinches your skin until you bleed. I did not realize how bad this was until it did it to me. It does not release your skin until you rip it off. If you push the button while it is in the palm of your hand be prepared to be hurt. I paid 4 times the amount of the normal price for this hamster and fun house and boy am I kicking myself now. Not to mention the piece of junk fun house falls apart constantly. These should be recalled. They are just not worth the aggravation and pain. Just another holiday scam."

Sounds cute.
I hope our child survives the trauma of not getting one.

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