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March 10, 2010

Rag O Rama - like ... why?

I know my C'ville thrift stores pretty darn well. You can usually catch me wandering slowly through their aisles wearing headphones, listening to a book, staring thoughtfully at junk trying to find a purpose for it. I'm a Volunteers of America guy. I like kitchen gadgets best, but have been known to dabble a bit in clothing - sneakers mostly.

I've driven by Rag O Rama a million times and now I know why I never made it in the door. It rots. I gauged my opinion of the place with 3 reliable clothing items: the lightly used t-shirt, the lightly used athletic shoes and ... I left after these two items.

At the VOA, I've been lucky with athletic shoes. I've gotten spiffy Nikes and New Balance over the past year for not more than $3.93. The Rag had equivalent shoes for about 38 friggin' dollars. I priced quite a few pairs too, all about the same, it wasn't a mistake.

The t-shirts. I realize this is kind of gross for some of you. But, if they're expensive, I guess they aren't that gross. Right? Apparently, that was the marketing genius that went into the pricing (or price point as the business dudes say). At the VOA, I can usually score some weird - and new - usually promotional t-shirt for about $1.99. At the Rag, I can get a more grimy, oldnavyesque, bilious T for no less than 12 f**king dollars! I priced about 10 of these because I couldn't believe it.

So, kids, don't toss that underwear with the partially detached waistband, you too could find a thrifty way to subsidize your iPhone monthly pament.

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