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May 27, 2010

A fallen idol

Few admire Zuckerberg as much as I do.  A clever Harvard dropout who created the most visited site on the internet.  Personally, I hate Facebook.  It's a big pile of stuff that needn't be shared, but its influence is awesome.  It hurts me to see him squirming over the privacy control changes.  Facebook's FREE; why should he care about his users' worries after they've already given it all up?  All sites start free.  As traffic increases, a site evolves to be not free.  Users give up money, give up privacy, get pelted with advertising or all of the above.  Nothing is free.  Ever.

This image from the NYTimes shows the guy standing in front of a crowd with a bunch of bullets on a screen, the antithesis of the rebellious entrepreneur he was just a short while ago.

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