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May 3, 2010

fruit looks like an avocado, a Cherimoya!

This morning in Giant Eagle, I found something exotic!! I'll buy it later, but I looked at it, didn't know what it was and when I got back, I looked it up using the search expression in the title. Also called a custard apple, it looks pretty interesting.

My assignment from Frankie this morning was to get her a piece of "exotic fruit" for the class to assemble an exotic fruit salad. She suggested I get a banana. I said I'd try. Giant Eagle's starfruit was looking pathetic, their kiwi would be better used in a slingshot to nail the bastard who stole my GPS saturday; the mangos were about the only ripe looking bit of fruit.

Can't wait to try the Cherimoya, too bad it costs $5.99/lb and it looks like each is about a half pound.

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