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July 1, 2010

Google Me me me me me me me me me...

It's not you, it's me.

Having tired of mature adults' proud disclosures of excessive drinking on weekends, viewing profiles of acquaintances revealing over 400 images of themselves (with spouses actually cropped out) and countless other acts that make getting a massage look like an act of charity, I've veered away from the most popular site on the web - even wincing at the sound of it. Has cognitive behavioral therapy failed so miserably?

I paid close attention to Facebook since its inception because of its popularity. I love all things popular on the internet. Why someone visits a site and revisits it will always hold a special place in my thoughts. Repeat visits is the holy grail of wealth.

The popularity of FB, like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, befuddles me. Today, I read about Google (Google Me, taking another stab at social. Google, the company I worship most of all, is going to try to do better than their recent flop, Buzz. In an alternative approach to their using human-free algorithmic, scalable methodology, they'll probably send a representative out to every person on the planet to scratch their back while handing them a little soccer trophy and reading The Big Red Barn as they drift off to sleep while whispering to them, they are really, really special.

It should be an interesting experiment. My hopeful vision is the competition for web-based self indulgence increases and the individual attention becomes so diffuse, it goes away. This result, would deem the project a success.


Not Important said...

I have strongly considered de-FB-ing myself, but that means I'd have to login to delete myself.

Dave said...

We should set up a Facebook group to destroy our FB accts together in a type of suicide pact.