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August 23, 2010

Wow, a bike really gets your heart going

I haven't been riding in forever.  My riding preferences have changed in recent years.  I'm super casual and ride my bike really slow.  I like to look at the scenery more than I like to get someplace fast.  So, given my ultra casual mindset, I wrote it off as a calorie burning endeavor.  

Today, the Mrs took care of the kid and I got to ride to work, around at lunch and then home.  This is my ride home.  About 40 minutes.  I forget my average speed, but it was slow, yet I still got an average of approximately 120 bpm when I used my heart rate datalogger.  I went from work to Giant Eagle and then home.  Mostly all up a gradual hill, but not a bad workout.  I'm pretty psyched to have another exercise to alleviate the boredom of cardio.

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