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January 4, 2011

Suze and

We got our dog Suze in 1996 from Hearts United for Animals.  She passed in February of 2010.  One charity we contributed to this year was HUA.  This is the note we received back:
I'm so sorry to hear about this little one, and thank you for the special gift in her memory.  Suzi was an unforgettable dog.  So smart that she thought of way too much.  It is uncanny, but her sidekick when she was here, Delilah, recently died from old-age related things.  Delilah lived on the east coast, and exactly where is now escaping me, but I recently heard from her person.  Delilah and Suzi Q were quite the pair when they lived here.  One of their best tricks was standing on either side of a dog door and ambushing other dogs coming in.  Oh, they thought of lots of things.  Thank you for the very special life you gave this little girl.
 Consider them for adoption, it's a good organization.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. What a beautiful and thoughtful note. (Auntie) Denise