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February 25, 2011

Summer Kid Camps

Getting ready to foist your little one on someone else for the Summer?  Get online and get your mouse ready.  Most camps have online registration and parents all over Columbus are lining up at their computers.  Camps basically have 10 weeks worth of activities beginning early June and can be ordered a la carte.  One can now select morning and afternoon activities for their little one and even jump around to different camp by the week.

1. OSU
Famous for Camp Recky for the young set.  Frankie loved it there.  Well, the mornings anyway; filled with fun and varied activity.  The afternoon has a greater sports emphasis.  But OSU also has tons of great offerings elsewhere on campus and even more varied stuff for grades 5-12 set, really interesting stuff.  I'm a bit jeoulous of the entomology class.  This is the most comprehensive list of stuff going on at campus.  Not all of it requires OSU affiliation.
-Registration begins March 7

2. The Wellington School has some awesome classes.  Some sports, mostly arts and intellectual.  Most are pricey though.  A morning and afternoon session plus a bit of latchkey will run a bit more than $300 per day.  But, hey, you're a guilty parent, nothing's too good for your kid.  Kidding aside, I've heard these programs are great and the teachers are from all over central Ohio.  Some of the art classes are given by the same folks who teach Saturday mornings at CCAD - and those are kick ass art classes.
-Look at the catalog, but registration begins soon!

3. COSI.  Sorry for dissing the local organization, but their offerings make The Wellington's programs look cheap, I also have heard no one raving about them.  Oh, and they only offer 9-4, no latchkey.  Don't know about you, my work day tends to be a bit longer.
-Who cares when registration is.

4. The Columbus Zoo.  They have a few weeks in the summer of camps, around $150 for a 5-day 9-4 experience.  No personal experience with it, but c'mon, it's the zoo and it's outside and a killer price.
-I think you can register now

5. Columbus Rec & Parks.  Yes, our awesome city has some great bargains for Camp Terra.  Just heard of this one yesterday and it sounds great.  I heard registration begins March 5.  Given the price, stay up late on March 4th for that one.  They're 9-4 and no latchkey, but worth the inconvenience.  Outdoors, can't beat it.

I'll post more as I find them.  Please contribute your findings in the comments.

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