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May 18, 2011

RPAC, best parent/child thing to do in Columbus

Today was an in-service day for Columbus City School teachers leaving us with today's episode of childcare.  I decided to take a day off and find something for Frankie and I to do.  When she was young, I burned out on the zoo and I hate museums (yes, as many have noted, I'm the opposite of an intellectual, I have no idea how I tolerated school).  Given Frankie's energy, I planned something different, RPAC, the recreational facility at OSU.

Little ones have boundless energy, but it is rarely focused in any purposeful direction.  This video is my characterization of the problem.  The other problem is social.  Believe it or not, kids aren't welcome in a lot of places.  The gym is just one.  BUT, at RPAC, kids are welcome all over the facility, except weights and machines (and anything stationary doesn't really interest a kid anyway).  They can play in the pool, in the multipurpose rooms (huge gymnastic mats) and the lounge and they can play table tennis, fooseball, etc - we did most of it in 5 hours.  So, because of my work affiliation (employees of many businesses in Columbus are considered affiliates), I can buy a 1 day pass for $10/ea.  But, for a little more than the price of a movie we could use the facility all day long, come and go as we please and enjoy the absence of daily routines.  

Oh, and when we got home, my body began to seize up while Frankie is bouncing on the trampoline watching Phineas and Ferb.  Kids are astounding, but they need to be connected in some way to the grid.

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