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August 14, 2011

Thank Godness, OSU will do better than we all thought possible

I love sales.  You all do too, you just don't know it.  Whether we promote ourselves with a blogpost, entice others to view a cool link, extol our virtues for a better raise or our quip something witty on Twitter hoping for a RT, we're all guilty at some level, at some time.  So, why not learn to do it better?

Who better to teach sales than an evangelist speaking to Satan (ie, I'm Satan).  Sitting there on a lazy Sunday morning, I got sucked into listening to Gary Keesee and his packed full of faith wife Drenda (rhymes with sweet, sweet Splenda).

Gary is interesting.  The sermon had a message of faith strangely intertwined with some kind of nebulous message about finance.  Notably absent is the information needed where you, the sinning viewer (alright, an I message is appropriate here), visit a site and hit the big fat PAYME PayPal button.  No blinky banners running below the scene where he and the lovely Drenda rap together (she's so damn sweet the way she swoons over her man).  He is poised. Even better, he's only selling a CD, Agreement with Heaven for $25 and some DVDs with his extended message, the TV sermons are just teasers.

With the cost of audiobooks high and my acute fascination with this guy, I decide to correspond with him.  But would he be able to hear me using my earthly notion of communication?
Healing - Prayer request from Dave:

United States

Oh Gary and Drenda I do need the Agreement with Heaven CD Series but I have not the
 money.  I do have OSU season tickets (2, section 15C) and beg you, as The Man representing the Lord - would You accept these as payment for the Agreement with  Heaven CD series I need so much to correct my financial crises.  Bless you for your consideration, Dave
Within TEN minutes, Gary, the Man himself acknowledged and responded...

Gary Keesee to me 
Yes Dave I would accept them and believe God with you concerning your finances. But let's do this first, let's not send the tickets yet. I will send you my material and then once you have listened to it, and you are in faith, you can release those tickets into the kingdom and send them to me.  So I am going to have my team ship to you the material this week. Only after you listen to the Now Revolution CD set you can send in the tickets 
Yes, Gary, I agree "let's not send the tickets yet."
Mission accomplished.  I get my audiobook and to study The Man.  Check out the return address domain,, no it's not what you think, it's Faith-Full Family Finances and been in business since 94.  

So, I'll listen to the CDs and then decide on the ticket bartering thing.  I'm curious to hear what he has to say. 


Betty said...

I think it would be interesting to see how long it takes him to contact you about the tickets after you get the stuff.

Lorence said...


Dave said...

Lorence, I just laughed my ass off, thanks! Here's a shorter link for the image so it's easier for people to get to..