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September 15, 2011

You died where?

Wordle: UntitledA Google search of write your own obituary shows, in the first few results, a site called It's mine. I started it at the beginning of time and people simply fill out the form to create their own obit. Pretty common exercise in freshman writing classes, for therapy, etc. I pull the information from the questionnaire, add a few linking words to connect the sentences of the deceased and post. My artistic license is choosing an image to represent them.  Guys talk about profession and women, relationships.  Lots more to glean from the data, it's fun.

Not creepy enough? The majority of the people are from Fall River, Massachusetts. I took all the location information from the past 200 obits and created a Wordle (a visualization of text based on a word frequency algorithm), it's posted above. This freaks me out a little.

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