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November 10, 2011

She's on fire!

I feel like we're in a tornado of development.  This might just be Frankie's biggest year so far.  Sometimes I look twice when she comes in the door because she looks a little different since the morning.  

She ...
  • has the best teacher this year, well matched for her learning, she runs into school every day
  • started reading voraciously and gets an extra reading session during the week with some other big readers
  • is on the verge of a back handspring in gymnastics
  • has a bland palate dictated by only her group of friends (white food, oh well - but likes olives and smelts - guess there's hope)
  • is quite the stylish dresser
  • enjoys art
  • and Ailsa are writing a piece for the school newspaper on Fun in Math (.com)
  • speaks blindingly fast when she is first let out from class for the day
  • likes olives but won't eat them because other kids tell her the food smells
  • loves bowling {ps maybe Frankie and I will get our own bowling balls this xmas, Frankie Hello Kitty and mine with flames, I can't wait, Mom is not liking the bowling}

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