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March 10, 2012


Fuzz is almost two and he's finally earning his keep here on the ranch.  The image above depicts the culmination of a 3 month stakeout by the washing machine.  Good boy, *scratches on his head*

Frankie is in third grade and despite too many sick days, is having her best school year ever.  Her teacher is a gift and we are grateful for the dedication of public school teachers, Madame C-N is the star exceeding our expectations this year.  Frankie is a founding member of the Hamster club.  They draw hamsters, have them as pets and meet regularly to discuss artistic efforts furthering the hamster cause.  We applaud those efforts.

Scoopy is still afraid of the weather, wind and thunder in particular.  A windy night will find her petite 60-pound frame curled up in a tight ball trying to sit on Trish's head in the middle of the night.  Alas, she is medicated and we are managing her fears the best we can.  She is loved by us and all who frequent Crest Tavern.

Trish continues to work tirelessly and provide emotional support and critical communication to Frankie I cannot.  She is teaching a lot lately and resisting my efforts to get her to France for a small vacation.  We'll get there, but we do love our homebody life.  

Dave.  When Trish introduced him to the documentary entitled "Moonshiners," he engaged and watched the series several times.  The series enabled him to tie together grain, bread, drink, agriculture and a fond memory of his pilot plant days in a relationship he never quite realized before; his hobbies took a profound detour.  This turn of events pleases him.

Given free time, he watches The Godfather and studies the facial expressions of a young Marlon Brando. He also finds gambling on is better than nickel slots at The Rio.

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