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April 30, 2012

On fulfillment and weight loss

It's not that I have a grind against gyms, they're a great escape.  My more recent visits however are full of independently orbiting individuals socializing like hell, with no one in their physical space.  This makes me sad because at this point in my life, adult conversation can be infrequent, hence my somewhat regular attendance at another community meeting place.

Instead of the gym? Drawing again on this particular point in my life, I now own more of a special something than I ever expected - my own mass, and it's more than I can lift.  I started puting it to good use:  running stairs, stopping at the park to grab some chinups, pretty much any way I can I fit my resistance and cardio into my daily activities.

I have been thinking about a silly gym alternative though - and since my wife keeps looking at me as if I'm trying to pronounce French, I'll try to embarrass her from here. 

When I heard Tom Ashcroft's recent show on the job of a "picker," a person who works in one of Amazon's many fulfillment centers, I was blown away; a sisyphean task that would rival any session with kettle bells ($24.99 on Amazon, free shipping for Prime members).  So, here's my plan, go work there, hustle hard to gather our crap until the weight is lost and quit.  Paid gym membership, earbuds allowed.  #FTW  Listen to the show, it's a great report on a job I'm embarrassed to say I never knew existed.

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