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September 14, 2012

kind of like that xmas letter

  • She's in 4th grade.
  • Just got her hair cut.
  • She could stand to sleep more.
  • She is not reading as much as Mom wants, but Mom's insatiable appetite for the written word leads to high expectations.
  • Frankie likes to act first, read later, I know where it comes from.
  • At the end of the summer she finished a structured 4th grade math curriculum that culminated in the reward of an ipod touch.  It was a big reward, but a big accomplishment.
  • Her dear friend Ailsa moved to Scotland, but she gets to facetime w her on Saturdays, how amazing is that?
  • She is trying the viola at school with a class of hopeful viola players under the tutelage of Monsieur Locket; we wish this patient man well.
  • We have challenging mornings getting out of the house for long days.
  • We are working on logistics for those mornings.
  • We are failing mostly.
  • She seems to be enjoying the piano lessons from a friend.  She plays with Mom, I find it touching.
  • She's making her own lunches, ham with bacon is a recent favorite although she wants me to make my bacon thinner.
  • She throws lots of cartwheels and roundoffs just before bed  when we are extremely tired and low on patience.
  • She is mindful of food and even eats candy a piece at a time, I find this a special gift.  I wish she would occasionally give up a red one instead of the orange and yellows, this gives me some pause.

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