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September 10, 2013

The sport of CraigsList selling

I'm selling some OSU tix for $450:

Chad: would you take $400 for both?

Me: $425?

Chad: $200 each is fair. cash is ready. obviously braxton got hurt.. if we loose on the road tickets will go down fast

Chad, a total stranger, is a peach.  Given his reliable prediction that OSU will spiral downwards, he wants to be the one that buys the tickets at a premium price so I don't get stuck with useless tickets.

Me: Alright, for you $450.

Chad: i will go $420 if u bring them today..  lots of interest until it comes time to put the cash up.  my cash is ready.

Yes Chad, no one but you has cash.
Me: $500. reply ... hello, Chad?

Tix are going this morning for the full asking price.

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