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April 14, 2004

I'm always fascinated at someone who shines at what they do. I witnessed such an individual this morning. At the tire shop. This morning, after driving around for several days with a screw in my spiffy new $150 tire, I stopped to get it fixed. The guy running the desk this morning talked a lot and was a fanatic about tires. I have been known to obsess over my tire pressure and was interested in what he had to say. He went from topic to topic with speed and clarity that squashed any professor in my experience. I got a brief dissertation on all season vs. performance tires, an extended lecture and demo of various alignment problems and their manifestations on tire wear and how tires wear in a front vs. rear-wheel drive vehicle to name just a few. This guy was amazing. I learned more by 10 am this morning than I've learned this year at work.

And, Holy War, indeed.

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