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June 20, 2004

Raising a kid comes with a bit of sacrifice. No regrets mind you but missing a shower because of being tired or because the kid is rocketing around dangerous places and needs complete surveilance is not uncommon. And messes? Too common. This is why my car has become an important escape for me. It's quiet, it's clean, everything in my car is in its place. Well, almost. Entropy increases, even in my car. Lately there's been an accumulating pile of half-eaten crackers, toys, blankets, more toys, etc.

Saturday morning, Trish absconded with my car and the kid and told me only to meet her at North Market at 11:00 am. NO QUESTIONS were allowed. I did as I was told. We had a blast with friends hanging around the market and going to Gooddale Park. Around 2, I took the kid and hung out at Buttles/High where I found Frankie is thrilled to sit and watch people. Trish took off again and showed up with my Mazda Pr5 shining and looking like the day we picked it up 3 years ago.

I'd live a happy life with a dirty car, but, you should see this ride! What a treat. My escape, my lair, has been restored. I'm a lucky Dad today.

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