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June 22, 2004

These silly web logs, no matter how useless, just won't seem to go away. An interesting article in Time Magazine entitled "Meet Joe Blog" was recently published. Here's an excerpt:
Not that long ago, blogs were one of those annoying buzz words that you could safely get away with ignoring. The word blog - it works as both noun and verb - is short for Web log. It was coined in 1997 to describe a website where you could post daily scribblings, journal-style, about whatever you like - mostly critiquing and linking to other articles online that may have sparked your thinking. Unlike a big media outlet, bloggers focus their efforts on narrow topics, often rising to become de facto watchdogs and self-proclaimed experts. Blogs can be about anything: politics, sex, baseball, haiku, car repair. There are blogs about blogs.
Also, yesterday there was a piece on Talk of the Nation (real audio stream) discussing blogs with the author of the Time magazine piece and the annoying author of the annoying, over-publicized, Drudge-wannabe site Wonkette. Nonetheless, it was an informative show.

And finally, our local paper the Columbus Dispatch even interviewed the staff here at about blogging and the local scene. We enjoyed providing our perspective on the new media form. I'll keep you posted when the story runs.

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