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October 22, 2004

The Change

Last night, I nearly converted back to a closer version of my old format (changing formats is unbelievably addictive - but challenging to do well - OS/browser/platform compatability pose the biggest problems; hence, the template). In the middle of this craze I realized, despite the new version looking pretty close to the Honda Civic of websites, I actually liked it better than before.

I just wanted to say I appreciate the comments received and although this is a personal outlet, readers' comments mean more than you might think. Keep 'em coming. (I think I actually used the apostrophe correctly there.)

I liked that changing top picture, but it interfered with any subsequent pictures in posts - then it looked cluttered. I don't think I'll ever get completely comfortable with it. But that's actually a good thing. Piaget would appreciate this little bit of disequilibrium. It's good for us, it keeps us thinking.

Have a good weekend.

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