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October 26, 2004


A while back, I gave a local Starbucks franchise some feedback regarding the sloppy way they ran a particular store (1782 N. High). Corporate HQ "addressed my concerns" by giving me two free drink coupons. I didn't think much about it at the time, but their response made clear that they and their hunter-green stores that pop up faster than the festering McDonalds of the early 70s - don't care.

As insignificant as I am to their "mission", I'm not going there anymore.

Stauf's, Cup 'O Joe, Cafe Apropos, etc. and my favorite new place Kafe Kerouac (2250 N. High) are better choices. The owner of Kerouac knows a bit about each one of his customers. He's like that bartender you see in old movies. He knows you and appreciates your business. The folks at Starbucks aren't evil; they just don't care about you, your beverage preference or the significance of their business in the society they work in. It makes a difference.

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