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October 13, 2004

The Final Debate (Finally)

Here are a couple members of The Moritz School of Law at Ohio State. We watched them on WOSU for the post-debate commentary. One of them thought it would be interesting if there would be a higher national alert set a few days before the election. I'm not politically savvy, but that was a pretty risky thing to say.

The appearance of my blog changed a bit; I meant this to happen but not exactly the way I did it. Dust is still settling. New starts are healthy.

This is just a vanilla blogger template but it's pretty robust. I don't like their commenting so I'll be fussing with the css but I routinely use unix, linux, xp, a million different machines daily and the template doesn't break. That's pretty impressive. Don't have any access to macs so if it breaks on a mac, sorry.

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