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October 13, 2004

Movies and Debates

Studio 35 is probably my favorite theater in Columbus. It's got an eclectic selection of flicks and you can order beer and pizza to enjoy during the movie. We haven't been there in ages (because we can't seem to get the hang of using a baby sitter) but I remain on their mailing list. Here's an entry from their latest:
The PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE will be on our big screen Wednesday at 9pm. Gather your friends and come at 7pm to see SKY CAPTAIN and stay for the debate. Or just come for the debate. Either way the debate is free! Plus, beer will help it all make sense.
And you don't have to miss ANTM to see it! I'm afraid we won't be there - school night, but I might try to get out for Thursday night's Open Mic at Kerouac (2250 N. High, 9:30).


Anonymous said...

hey Dave,

keyword: TRUST :)

Hehe before you know it, she could be 17 by the time you guys get used to a babysitter *grin*

and I second your sentiments on studio 35...


Dave said...

Hey AL,
Trust indeed. The sitter we used recently was her former teacher from her baby room. Trust was no problem at all, I think it's us that's the problem - we're too attached.