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November 18, 2004

High Street

High Street is the North-South divide in Columbus and always shaking with activity. A project underway that we're looking forward to is a unique urban redevelopment project/retail venue that will occupy a couple blocks just south of Chittenden. It's called the Gateway Project. Campus Partners has this update (its target completion date is Fall 2005):
Construction at the South Campus Gateway site continues to proceed on schedule. Dry wall installation for the residential units in the five-story Building B is proceeding rapidly. Installation of the exterior skin and interior framing of the residential units in Building A is well underway. Steel erection for Building C is complete and the framing of the exterior wall has begun. Foundations for Building D are complete and over one-third of the structural steel has been erected. The parking structure contractor has completed all of the horizontal concrete pours for the entire parking structure, which continues to run slightly ahead of schedule.
When they start talking drywall, you know they're close. The Drexel is going to run a theater there as well. We can't wait; it's a short bus ride away or a pleasant summer evening's walk. On the Campus Partners site, they have regular updates, go visit.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of High Street:

( I'm a member of the Campus Partners Student Advisory Board. )

- Dave Menninger

Dave said...

Thanks Dave. I was aware of that meeting and will try to make it. I have a lot to say about High Street. I love it, but at the same time, it's awfully trashy. I don't know why it isn't a nicer looking street.

That's cool your a student member of the CP advisory board, way to be involved.

Dave said...

Excuse me, not student member but member of the CP Advisory Board.