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December 6, 2004

Klezmer and Hollis, 'tis the Season

Big holiday kickoff weekend. Hung lights, everything, went nuts.

Saturday night, a perfect seasonal meal hosted by good friends, thanks guys!

Last night we went to a Klezmer concert in Dublin by Shirim with Frankie's friend Benjamin and his mom. They let kids dance on their stage. Frankie took 'em up on the offer and paraded around patting her ample belly. This image is a bit blurry but I didn't want to use flash so I wouldn't disrupt the musicians. Klezmer music is pretty happy stuff. We had fun. Frankie had even more fun - rubbing her belly in public.

So, click the "link" below, bookmark this post, and you'll have fast access to my favorite Christmas Carol, Christmas in Hollis. Happy holiday season all.

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Dave said...

Hi Fae,
This concert was quite a bit of fun. The kids loved it.