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January 12, 2005


I use Blogger to facilitate updates to this site. It's not the best software but it's the easiest and owned by Google, so it's got to get better over time. One of its weaknesses is it's commenting system. Several friends have grumbled to me they'd like to place comments on my posts but don't want to register. I wouldn't either, that's annoying.

I'm writing to inform you, you don't have to register to comment. When you click the "comments" link below the post you'll be presented with a link that says "post a comment", when you click that you'll see instructions to register ... BUT, on the same page there is also a link that says "Or Post Anonymously". Click that and you'll be presented with a big box to enter plain old text. You can then sign your name at the end if you want or, if it's a mean comment, just leave your name off.

So, friends, Wiseman, if you feel so inclined to leave a critical comment about my thoughts on the horrible state of college athletics or my desire to see Andy Geiger dragged off to the slammer, please, comment away. And, leave your name (or link to your site; the text box allows html).


Anonymous said...

please dont password protect frankie! i first got to ur site because i needed bread making tips (which immensely helped btw!) but i am now addicted to ur site b/c i love to see your beautiful little girl grow up! hope u wont password protect her anytime soon!

have a great day
--stephanie in cali

Dave said...

I'm afraid I didn't get a choice in that editorial decision. Still a couple weeks or so though.

Anonymous said...

I don't much care about Andy Geiger, but it's probably important that you see Sideways since you liked American Splendor so much. Paul Giammatti stars in both.


Dave said...

It's on the list. Heard a lot of good about it. We just saw Maria, Full of Grace the other day (during Frankie's nap) and it was a good movie, but sad. We see fewer movies lately and when we do get the chance, we now like to see kind of upbeat ones.

I recently saw Anchorman and, I'm embarrassed to say, liked it. I'm just a sucker for silly comedy.