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February 27, 2005

So unbelievably out of it

The other night, we were chasing Frankie around the second floor of the North Market and we ran into some friends who were off to the movies. What are you going to see, I asked. "Million Dollar Baby", they replied. I had never heard the movie's name once.

I felt a little funny but not too bad, I guess. I'll bet they've never seen a Heffalump. We ALL saw it when it first came out.

Send Frankie good vibes, she's sick today. No Heffalumps for her today.


Anonymous said...

Ellie and I are sending Frankie good thoughts and healthy vibes. Hope she gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb,
Been a rough month. One of us has been sick I think the entire month. Argh. Thanks for your wishes. Email me if you want her password by the way (

Anonymous said...

And, I hope you guys are doing well too.