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May 13, 2005

Blogs don't seem to be going away

I find a lot of my favorite sites to read (aside from the locals) at Yahoo! Picks. It's become common for their pick of the day to be in a blog format. Drawn is a community blog of art that I think I'll be visiting daily. And, because I'm a rabid consumer, I'll also be regularly visiting The Impulsive Buy. It looks strange. I like strange.

Noteworthy is the blog software running these two sites is Wordpress. Ever since MT changed their pricing, Wordpress has become quite popular. I'm still an amateur with Blogger but Wordpress is nice, I'm just not good enough to skin it with the CSS to get what I like. And some of the available CSS templates out there break on some platforms.

Anyway, my (and Yahoo!'s) picks of the day - enjoy - and have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

steve from work here... I just saw you on comedy central.

That was the best piece of film I've seen for a very long time!

That really made my day. I felt compelled to come here and spread the joy.

Regarding the blogging, it's all about plugging into a pre-existing network such as .

You lose some ownership when you do this, but it's a quick and dirty way to get an audience. I chose audience over ownership. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, thanks for chiming in. If I were anonymous and could swear as much as I wanted, I bet I could get a bigger audience. I'm too inhibited to write what I really want.

Anonymous said...

WordPress (WP) is very nice. With the latest version it is very easy to try out all different kinds of skins (or themes as they are called in WP). I've used blogger, mt, and WP. I like WP best of all. Just thought I'd mention the WP themes feature since you mentioned skins. :) ~Andrea

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrea, I might check into the most recent version. WP is poppping up all over the place.