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May 27, 2005


If you Google "webernation", my story is about the 3rd answer. It's pretty funny. This is the piece that was chopped up for the commercials.

Tonight, the family is outside enjoying the last bit of the shake we shared when 3 surly and angry looking youths come walking toward us. They look, stare a bit and one of them says ..."you the guy on the Weber grill commercial?". I said yeah and they just giggled all the way up the street.


Anonymous said...


Cool TV spot. Knowing what you endure weekdays M-F made the commercial all the more meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob! Hope you're well and studies are going strong. You're one of the survivors that keeps us inspired.

The commercial was a blast, a nice break and the only 60-deg-F day in February! Definitely worthy of a vacation day.