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May 10, 2005


In a few months my former cohort will be venturing into the classrooms as newly minted Mild to Moderate Intervention Specialists (Special Ed teachers) in the Columbus Public School System. I bailed during the program. Four years of night classes, parenting and working full time brought me to the decision. But, for some reason, today, that decision hurts. I didn't think I could parent well enough and work and take classes at night (and do the silly exercises of ed classes). As painful as the decision was, I still think it was the right one. Obviously, I have some doubts, but I have to move on.

For now, I'll just keep plugging and trying to figure out the next direction to pursue. I think it's unfortunate a Ph.D. can't break into k12 teaching without years of additional schooling (in silly courses), but that's the system and it's not going to change just because I think it should. But it's my blog and I say it's wrong.

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