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December 8, 2005

Date night and the snow

MapMilk, check, toilet paper, check ...

We've made the family decision that father daughter night is here to stay. At least until that scary age when she comes home and tells me ... gulp ... she's a vegetarian. I'll go through some necessary mourning, but if she'll have me, we'll still go out for dinner and age-appropriate activities. However, the forecast is calling for snow and that can cover up the swings at Big Park (last week in 20-something degree weather, we still went to Big Park). I guess it depends on when it starts. We will, as always, keep you posted. I might have to take one of her Christmas presents out early though if it snows enough.

No problems. We made it to Wendy's and skipped directly to ice cream just as the first flakes hit the ground. A fun night.


Anonymous said...

We got a mere two inches, and it was a very warm day today. I was REALLY disappointed. =/

Dave said...

Hey Jon,
I'm a total wimp, I was grateful for our shortfall of snow. Now, my daughter ... that's another story. She now is totally enthralled with the white stuff. Guess I'll have to adapt.

Anonymous said...


We missed the last one too. This is a bummer.