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December 3, 2005

ho, ho, ho ...

Well, after breakfast, we went to OSU's tree sale and a guy just walked me up to a perfect tree. Couldn't resist. A gifted salesman. He even shook my hand when the deal was sealed. Nice to see someone so perfectly suited to his (albeit temporary) vocation.

We drove it home, hacked off a chunk of the trunk, put it in the stand on top of the table where cats nor kid can tackle it and watered it. Instant humidifier.

Then Frankie removed every stitch of clothing from her body to celebrate.

Then we coaxed her to get dressed, shopped for groceries, she napped, we went to a free showing of The Polar Express at SouthCampus Drexel, Ugly Toona Saloona for dinner, an ice cream a bath and bed.

Phew, a bit too much for us all, but fun.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun. I want to see polar express too! I'll have to netflix it

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

Polar Express was much cooler than I expected, the animation is creepy but fun. My daughter was enthralled, but I think adults would get almost as much from it.