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February 16, 2006


In need of a non-emergent city service? "City Government at Your Fingertips" is what's being rolled out by Columbus. Just dial 3-1-1 or put in the request via their 3-1-1 website (e.g., bulk trash removal). Should be interesting to see how it works.


Ashley said...

Thanks for the info. This has been working well in NYC for quite a while now, and I was wondering if it would ever be implemented here. I'm pretty sure this now means I'll never have to open a phone book again.

Also, thanks for the link to Digital Vittles! We need to add a C-bus blogs lists to our site, too...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,
Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy my visits to Digital Vittles. I used to do more food blogging but then my daughter became 2 1/2. Now, I'm lucky to shower daily.