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February 21, 2006

Slippery slope

I've purchased about 3 lottery tickets in my life. The first was back in 1991 when, after trying to make a stupid perfluorphenyl ester (a chemistry thing) for the better part of a year, I was successful. I figured I was on a streak and I bought a ticket. Didn't win.

The second was a valentine's day present when the Ohio Lottery's Megamillions Game got to be about 120 million. Not too romantic but hey, I gave my wife a shot at the big time. No one won that one. A few days later, it was up to 145 million; lather, rinse, repeat - I lost again. Tonight's pot is 170+ million and I can't stop. Dollar number 4 coming up. Someone's gotta win to get me off this wicked ride. Wish me luck.

By the way, if I win, Family members taken care of -> a comfy chunk for us -> the rest divided among Columbus Public Teachers as a bonus.

Nope. Didn't win. Glad too. The night of the drawing, my wife and I were talking about the implications of winning that much cash. It scared us. We're happy the way we are. Tonight's drawing (2/24/06) is also up around 170+ Mil. I think I'll skip it and buy a bargain bottle of port and pretend we won.


Anonymous said...

I think it's terribly romantic!

Anonymous said...

1 time. 1 dollar. For some reason was dissapointed that I didn't win.

I remember the eve before I left Cincinnati and I heard about this 19 year old boy who one 90million. Part of me still wishes it were for me.

I would definitely spread the wealth among the family. Besides my favorite charities, there are a few people I would love to help who just need a little space in their lives to know that they can achieve their dreams. I would very much like to help those few people start with a clean slate.

Wes said...

Well the suspence is killing us. Did you win? You didn't say.