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June 14, 2006

The Chair


One of the best things I learned from my wife is preservation; an appreciation of things not new. If something can be recycled, within reason, it's better than buying new. About 7 years ago, a friend gave us this chair when she moved away. We were living in Baltimore at the time. It was a bit rough and we continued to use it, vigorously. Until, one day, we finally realized it was in tatters, the stuffing was falling out and some action had to be taken. We took it to Begley Upholstering (3293 N. High Street). They too appreciated things old; they sat and marveled at it - tattered and all. They went to work on it and delivered a chair 99% as good as new (well it isn't the original). It's awesome and will likely be with us the better part of our lives. It holds with it memories of a friend, places we've lived and things old and cherished.

And, boy is it comfy.


Anonymous said...

I swear this chair fell through some sort of hole in the space-time continuum, from an alternate universe in which everything has perfect ergonomic design. It feels even better than it looks.

What a piece of art. Thanks for humoring me on this one, Baby,

Anonymous said...

Very cool chair!! Oh, and thanks for the link to the guy who re-upholstered it. I was looking for a good place a few months ago.

Dave said...

Hey Cassandra, Thanks. I already crashed in it on Saturday while Frankie napped - very comfy indeed. The only problem with reupholstering something is it's not cheap. It's definitely tempting to go buy new.
(By the way, your new layout is nice!)