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July 12, 2006

The beginning of a brilliant idea

Yesterday I took a day off to take Frankie to see large farm equipment at COSI.

In the afternoon, we stopped by Barnes and Noble to spend some time in the childrens' section. I wandered off a bit and noticed Frank Warren's PostSecret, the book. He's the creator of one of the most popular and simple sites on the web, I'm always fascinated how a site becomes popular (a conspicuously absent phenomena from the book Tipping Point). He said he took 3000 blank postcards with instructions and left them around galleries and inserted into them into library books. Then, it took off. The book said he's received over 10,000 postcard confessions. This guy is my current idol. Simple idea and it gives so many an outlet. The site's updated weekly and is definitely worth a visit.


Dan said...

Your link is broken.


Dave said...

Fixed, thanks Dan.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get to your site the other day for some reason and I got sad cause i thought you took your site down. It's comforting to see that you're still here and posting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
Thanks for your continued visitations. I haven't been keeping up with the site much - LOTS going on - some good, some horribly unfortunate.

However, my site's host has had numerous downtimes lately. I hollered at them this morning. I told them I have 3 to 4 dedicated readers a day and they better give me good server reliability damnit.

Hope you're well.