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July 18, 2006

It's better than Netflix

Columbus Metropolitan Library was rated by someone (?) as the best library in the nation. I'm not sure which organization gave this award, but it's certainly good enough for us. We just borrowed Supersize Me. It only took a few days on the waiting list and we were able to borrow it for 2 weeks! With a crazy wild kid running around, sometimes it takes 2 weeks to get 100 free minutes to watch a movie, so it worked out well. And the book selection hasn't failed us yet. And, the bonus ... it's next to Big Park. So, we can go whenever we want and Frankie can go nuts in the playground.

...and they even have a blog.


Anonymous said...

my brother is a BIG public library DVD borrower. The extent of my laziness knows no bounds.

To wit: Since I like mostly classic literature I download it off of Gutenberg so I don't have to go to the library. I have netflix for the same reason, so i don't have to go out. I have had the same netflix films in my possession for longer than you want to know which means I probably could have bought them longer than you want to know. I need to reform.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
I forgot about Gutenberg, it's quite a resource. I found an audio version of Darwin's Origin of Species. Very Cool. But, you really should get out to the library, it's just a fun place (and Netflix does have a better selection).